Josh Magnus Ludan, Qing Lyu, Yue Yang, Liam Dugan, Mark Yatskar, Chris Callison-Burch

Arxiv link

Josh Magnus Ludan, Yixuan Meng, Tai Nguyen, Saurabh Shah, Qing Lyu, Marianna Apidianaki, Chris Callison-Burch

Paper accepted into ACL, Arxiv link, video presentation available on the left

Past Projects

CIS_522_Final_Project .pdf

Final project for CIS 522 - Deep Learning for Data Science

Evaluated a wide range of deep learning architectures ranging from CNNs to GPT3 in their ability to make complex moral judgements using a corpus of Reddit r/AITA posts

Link to code

Comm459 Final Report.pdf

Final project for Comm 4590: Social Networks and the Spread of Behavior

Completed class research paper analyzing how social contagions would spread in Reddit communities under different measures of graph centrality. This involved scraping and processing Reddit data in the range of hundreds of gigabytes and working with Prof. Damon Centola to use novel & more empirically accurate mathematical models of contagion.

Link to code

ESE3600 Project Report.pdf

D&D Dice Reader Model

Final project for ESE 360 - Machine Learning on Embedded Edge Devices

Created a model to read off the dice values in an image containing multiple Dungeons and Dragons dice. The pipeline involved combining multiple image recognition models (YoloNetV3 & MobilenetV2) and shrinking them efficiently enough to run on edge devices.

Link to code, Link to Demo

NETS212 Project Report - Final.pdf

Mini Facebook

Final project for NETS 212 - Scalable and Cloud Computing

Worked with a team of 3 to build an IaaS cloud hosted web app in the style of Facebook. App supports users with interests, friends, posts, walls, comments, live chat, and a personalized news feed based on user activity. Took on the role of project manager and designed & implemented the majority of the backend database API’s


Final project for Cis 7000 -  Interactive Fiction and Text Generation

Utilized GPT-3 to create an interactive game involving synthesized stories in the style of Reddit r/AITA posts

Link to code

Cis 545 Final Project.pdf

Final project for Cis 545 - Big Data Analytics

Performed topic modeling on the entire corpus of Daily Pennsylvanian articles to identify trends in the topics being discussed.

Link to code


GeoGuessr Geolocation model

Final project for Cis 520 - Machine Learning

Worked with a partner to create models predicting the location of a given image from Google street view using nothing but the image pixels. The best model utilizing EfficientNet architecture significantly outperformed previously published SOTA model, raising accuracy from 25.9% to 54.2% in a dataset predicting the state of an image taken within the US.

Link to code

Nets 150 Final Project Report.pdf

Final project for Nets 150 - Market and Social Systems on the Internet

Analyzed the sentiment for various ivy league colleges to identify which communities were the most negative relative to others

Link to code